About Me

I am a gentleman scientist doing astrophysics research in my free time.
I am affiliated with the Sonneberg observatory.

Peer-reviewed publications


Optimized trajectories to the nearest stars using lightweight high-velocity photon sails
Heller, R.. et al. 2017, A&A accepted
Dippers and Dusty Disk Edges: New Diagnostics and Comparison to Model Predictions
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Sonneberg plate photometry for Boyajian's Star in two passbands
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Deceleration of high-velocity interstellar photon sails into bound orbits at alpha Centauri
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Predictable patterns in planetary transit timing variations and transit duration variations due to exomoons
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Modeling the Orbital Sampling Effect of Extrasolar Moons
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A statistical analysis of the accuracy of the digitized magnitudes of photometric plates on the time scale of decades with an application to the century-long light curve of KIC 8462852
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Simple nonlinear models suggest variable star universality
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A Statistical Search for a Population of Exo-Trojans in the Kepler Data Set
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Photometry’s Bright Future: Detecting Solar System Analogs with Future Space Telescopes
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On the Detection of Exomoons: A Search in Kepler Data for the Orbital Sampling Effect and the Scatter Peak
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Strange Nonchaotic Stars
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